Thanks for your continued support of Club 66.  For those who are not familiar with Club 66, it was
established March of 2019 as a fund-raiser for the Greater Houston Alumni Chapter. A continuing  
fund-raiser will eliminate the need of calling upon fellow Alcornites when funds are needed to
support various University and Chapter activities. Also to support various teams and organizations
from the university when they are in the Greater Houston Area. Some funds will be used for annual
contribution to the University, scholarships, chapter events, etc.

Club 66 was given its name because the Houston Chapter was founded in year 1966.  We are asking
each Alcornite in the Greater Houston area to make a contribution of $19.66 each month to this effort.
Please see contribution options below. Thanks for your support.

L.B. McGill
Chapter President
Phone/Text  832.496-5339
Monthly Contribution
of $19.66
Quarterly Contribution
of $58.98
Annual Contribution of
2347 Broadgreen Dr. - Missouri City, Texas  77489     Phone/Text   832.496-5339
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Houston Alumni
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