Her name is Lakeicha Thomas, also known by her model name Laila T. She was
born and raised in Longview, Texas. She graduated with honors from Kilgore
College, obtaining an Associate's Degree in Business Administration. She went on to
major in Marketing at The University of Texas at Tyler, where she received her
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She actively participates in various
theatre art projects such as gospel stage plays, musicals and children's theatre.
Thats not all, she has also worked her way into an assortment of film projects
available on DVD. Last but not least, her country girl beauty and sassy but classy
personality has graced the covers of black romance novels in the U.S. and
overseas. The list can go on for this native East Texan starlet, due to her future
being so full of potential and opportunities. There is no mistaken it, Lakeicha 'Laila T'
Thomas is the future, ladies and gents!
               Email: lakeichathomas@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/foreverlakeichalailatthomas